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It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, I am not just singing the Christmas carol I really do mean it. Let me say happy December first before I get into reasons why December is the best time of the year. If you know me you will understand why I really like this time of the year. December is a month of celebration for me because it's mine and my hubby's birthday, we had our Nigerian wedding in December and most importantly I share the same birth month with Jesus ( it doesn't get better than that).

With all the gift giving, holiday parties and Christmas cookies let's not forget the reason for the season Jesus. Remember to spread love and Joy to everyone around you especially to those in need.

Christmas is a time for fun and enjoyment but it can become very stressful real quick. With family members (some you are excited to see, and others no so much) visiting, planning parties and trying to stay in shape….lol. Below are some ideas on how to enjoy the holiday.

1. Watch old Christmas movies.

2. Don’t spend all you time in the kitchen, you are not breaking any law if you cater your family meals.

3. Tolerate that family member that gets on your nerves( you only have to spend a few days with them).

4. Create Christmas traditions.

5. on’t worry if you can’t buy gifts for anyone, your presence is enough.

6. It is okay to stay in your PJs all day.

7. Have a social media break.

8. Drive around the neighborhood at night to look at Christmas lights.

9. Bake cookies and sip hot chocolate.

10. Reflect on the past year and pray for a better 2018.

11. Call people you haven’t seen in a while..

12. Get a gift for your mail man.

13. Don’t worry about anything, take it to the Lord in prayer.

14. Listen to Christmas carols.

15. Give back to your community.

16. Thank God for the birth of Jesus Christ, because without Christ there will be no Christmas.



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