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If you are here, I am sure you are wondering what is the H.I.C.D.A.T method budget?

Wonder no more, the H.I.C.D.A.T method is a simple and effective way of doing things. Life itself is complicated so if I can find a simpler and stress free way to do somethig, sign me up.

The H.I.C.D.A.T method budget is simplifying the budget process for everyone. The finance world is full of so many big words and Jargons that can be overwhelming if care is not taken. The idea of budgeting has gotten a bad rap in the past because it feels so restricting . If doesn't have to be.

A bugdet is a tool that tracks your expenses and your income, that's it! A budget can become your trusted friend that will tell you like it is. You don't have to deprive yourself , with adequate planning you can live your best financial life . If you are looking for someone to tell you to cut your coffee purchase ( this is not the place), especially if your coffee is part of what makes your work week go by smoother. You can infact create a line item for your coffee in your budget, that way you don't feel guilty when you buy your coffee.

The  H.I.C.D.A.T method budget has been years in the making. I have almost 15 years experience in the acccounting industry. I have created financial packets (Budgets, Cash Flows, Income Statement and Balance Sheet) for multi-national companies. This budget have been created with the end user in mind, no matter your level of proficieny in excel.

Without further ado, please click here to purchase the The H.I.C.D.A.T method budget

Please share the link with your family and friends so they can purchase theirs too .

Until next time, remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

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