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Happy birthday to me!!!! December is my favorite month of the year for a few reasons, my birthday, hubby’s birthday, we had our church wedding in December and of course Christmas. Today’s blog post is just a way to allow my readers get to know me better. Below are 32 things you might not know about me.

  1. I am my own woman

  2. I don’t sweat the small stuff

  3. Not everybody likes me and I am OKAY with that

  4. I like to workout

  5. I like trying new recipes

  6. I like graphic Tees with inspirational/funny quotes

  7. I like to plan & budget

  8. I like to fill my calendar with events so I always have something to look forward to

  9. I am a giver

  10. I do more of what makes me happy

  11. I don’t go to bed with my makeup on

  12. I like spaghetti squash

  13. Fall is my favorite season

  14. My favorite snack is grandma cookies vanilla flavor

  15. I drink 100 oz of water most days

  16. Sephora is my favorite store

  17. My hubby is my favorite person

  18. I look just like my mom

  19. I am a good negotiator

  20. I like perfumes a lot ( most of the scent I own have significant meaning)

  21. I like to travel

  22. My favorite movie is White Chicks ( don’t judge me, it is a silly movie)

  23. My favorite show is Sister Sister

  24. I don’t like surprises

  25. I know God loves me and I love Him too.

  26. I collect mugs

  27. I am that person you will see singing in the car at the stop light ( I know you might think I am crazy, I don’t care…lol)

  28. I clean when I am upset/ anxious

  29. I like to see people win

  30. I don’t watch TV

  31. I don’t forget birthdays

  32. I like to make lists ( if it’s not obvious yet)

I hope with these you have a better understanding of me. The only gift I want from you reading this is to share my blog with your friends so we can all be friends.

Double tap the pictures for a better view if you are on a mobile device.

Your favorite blogger *wink*,


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