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This the million dollar question I will be trying to answer on this blog post. There has been a lot of discussions on this topic especially in recent times.

If there is one thing I would like us to remove from our vocabulary now and forever it is this sentence " Stay at home mom" or SAHM. When you hear this sentence what comes to your mind immediately ? Let me share with you a few things I have heard. A SAHM is a woman that stays at home all day, spends her husband's money and do nothing. I would like to replace that sentence with " work at home mom" or WAHM ( It sounds cooler, right? Maybe it is just

Here are my 5ive definitions of a working woman:

1. A working woman is a woman that sacrifices for her family.

2. A working woman ensures her husband and child(ren) are taken care of physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally .

3. A working woman is the glue that holds her family together .

4. A working woman is a giver, she gives her time, money and unconditional love.

5. A working woman keeps her home.

We as women need to stand together regardless of where we work or what we do for our families. If you work at home or in a commercial office building on the other side of town, own it and be proud of what you do knowing that you are doing your best for your family.

Back to my question

who is a working woman? The short answer is EVERY woman is a working woman. Cheers!

P.S :Remember you can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength.


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