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Happy July! Am I the only one that thinks this year is going at the speed of light? Can you believe it is July already? Where has the time gone? So many questions? I know, but this is the time of the year we need to review our goals and plans. Remember those New Year resolutions you made? Those vision boards you put together. Now will be a good time to go over the goals and evaluate yourself. The purpose of this exercise is to help you re-evaluate and not to shame you. Have you been crushing those goals? great! Have you fallen of track? Don’t worry, now it is the time to reset and give it all you’ve got.

Below are practical steps to take to crush your goals before the end of the year

Review your goals: This is a as simple as going through your goals to see if they still apply, did you set the goal for yourself or did you just put the goal on there because someone else was doing it? For example: Your friend said she was going to run a 5K as one of her goals, and you added that to yours knowing that you don’t like running. In this case this goal can be removed from your list.

Adjust your goals: If your goals were too vague it would be hard for you to achieve them. For example: If you have a goal like this “I want to lose weight in 2022” this goal is so vague and ambiguous. Here is a better way to reframe it “I want to lose 24 pounds in 2022”. You can take it a step further by breaking it down in sub-goals “In order to lose 24 pounds in a year I have to lose 2 pounds a month”. By doing it this way it makes the goal attainable, and if you want to go even granular you can break it down further. To lose 2 pounds a month, I have to lose .5 pounds in a week; in order to do that you will have to eat 1750 less calories per week (since a pound is 3500 calories). By breaking it down this way it means you must eat 250 calories less daily (that is the equivalent of a snack).

Make your goal easy to achieve : I read a book at the beginning of this year called Atomic Habit by James Clear. The author talked about how to create good habit with a concept he called habit stacking, this is when you pair a habit you want to do with a habit you need to do; so, if you like to watch the Real housewives of anywhere you can start your workout before the show and enjoy the show as a celebration of your workout. A good mention in the book was making habits easier to achieve my removing any obstacle, this will ensure you follow through. For example: If you plan on drinking more water, get a water bottle and add some fresh fruits to enhance the taste. Also, take the bottle everywhere you go so it is readily accessible. Talking from my experience, I workout at least 4 times every week so to prepare for my workout I pick my outfits on Sunday. When it is the day that I workout; once I am done with my morning routine, I am wearing my workout clothes ( I work from home) that way my brain automatically prepares for my workout at noon.

Invite God into your goals: By strength shall no man prevail~ 1st Samuel 2:9. You can set all these goals but at the end of the day it is the Lord that can grants us strength to achieve them. The biggest mistake we can make as humans is not inviting God to our mundane, we think it is such a small detail and God doesn’t care about it. The truth is God is our father and he cares about everything that concerns us. So, as you are reviewing and reevaluating your goals invite God to partner with you and watch Him work.

My Vision Board for the Year

I hope this helps reignite the fire in you to crush your goals before the end of the year. Share with me in the comments below, what goals have you achieved and what plans are you putting in place to achieve your remaining goals.

Until next time, remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. xoxo

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