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"What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” -Yves Saint Laurent

There is something about a black dress that can transform a woman regardless of her age, size or social status. Every woman needs the black dress in her closet, it is that one dress she can always count on when that special occasion comes around.

This past six weeks has been a learning experience for me, my coach at the gym organized a challenge called little black dress experience (LBDE). It was a six week program where we focused on clean eating, forming healthy habits and working out regularly. I didn’t think I could do it, but I pushed through. It wasn’t easy but looking back now it was worth it.

To my surprise at the end of the challenge I lost 7 lbs., 2” of my waist and hips and 6”of my thighs. I remember crying when I got on the scale that Saturday morning for my final weigh out, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Here are what I discovered about myself

1. I pushed my limits: During this challenge I noticed how my mindset had changed especially on a particular day at work when I was having a bad day, normally to comfort myself I would eat my favorite snack but on this very day all I wanted was for the day to be over so I can go workout.

2. I tried something new and I like it : I have never in my life eaten a rutabaga before. I always give it a side eye every time I am in the produce section in the grocery store. As fate would have it we were required to add this vegetable to our meal and I reluctantly did. Let me tell you, it was delicious and I have eaten it every week since then. I also have a new found love for spaghetti squash, maybe it's because it taste just like pasta. I am afraid to say I like it more than zucchini noodles.

3. I didn’t die from not eating rice: If you are Nigerian you will understand because jollof rice is a gift from God himself..…lol jk (or am I?). The first week was the hardest, but as time passed I realized my body wasn’t craving it as often. Now that the challenge is over I have substituted cauliflower for rice in my dishes and I don't seem to miss rice that much. Does this mean I will never eat rice again? Absolutely.......... Not !

This challenge made me realize that what doesn't challenge me won't change me, if I endure the hard time it will pass and I will come out stronger.

Did you make a promise to yourself at the beginning of the year to live a healthier lifestyle and you haven't gotten to it ? It is not too late to start, 2017 is not over yet.

The picture (I do not own the rights to the picture) above is from our Facebook group, these are the women that participated in the challenge.

Remember if you can't go back and start afresh, you can make today a fresh start.



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