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You can't give your best if you are not at your best. Just like on an airplane you must first put on your oxygen mask before you can assist your kids. We (moms) often feel guilty when we take time for ourselves, we shouldn't because a happy mama makes a happy home.

I have been a mom for almost 3 years now and I can say that this is one of the best things I have done for myself in a while. Don't get me wrong my husband is amazing, in fact he is the best. He is very hands on with our son, but sometimes I need a break that's why when the opportunity came to go on a momcation to the Bahamas with 13 amazing moms I jumped to the offer.

The purpose of this for me was to relax and do NOTHING, for three nights I was only responsible for myself, nobody called me mom or wife I was just Dami. In order make this trip was a success (after committing it into God's hand) I did following.

Plan: I made sure there was food at home for the boys (thanks to meal prepping and planning). I figured out how to get to and from the airport. I made sure I got ahead with work, so I won't be swamped when I got back. I arranged my son's clothes to make it easier for his dad, I also packed his bag as well.

Budget: This entire trip was paid with cash (#cashisking), I believe you can get anything you want if you save for it. I have a line item in our family budget for vacation, every month we set money aside for this purpose.

I would recommend a momcation for every mom, if you can afford it. You don't have to go to the Bahamas all you need is some uninterrupted time with yourself. This was my first time on a cruise and to be honest I was a little skeptical, but I decided to try something new and now that I have I am not looking back. The cruise is a one stop shop for transportation, hotel, food and entertainment. There was never a dull moment with all the activities on deck. My typical day on the cruise goes like this

Day 1

6am-7am: Workout

7am- 8am: Showered and got ready for the day

9am-10am: Breakfast buffet

10am-3pm: Got off the cruise at Coco Cay Island and lounged on the beach (more like taking a million

3pm- 6pm: Got back on the cruise, took a shower, lounged and took a nap

6pm-8pm: Got ready for dinner

8.30 pm: Dinner, shout out to Luis and Imade our wonderful waiters (it feels good to eat food that wasn't prepared by me)

9.3pm-11.30pm: Went to bed and some of the ladies went dancing

We painted the town pink.

Day 2

6am-7am: Slept in

7am- 8am: Showered

9am-10am: Breakfast buffet

10am-3pm: Got off the cruise at Bahamas and explored the city, we went to the Atlantis, ate at a local restaurant and we bought some souvenirs

3pm- 6pm: Got back on the cruise, went to the jacuzzi and relaxed before dinner

6pm-8pm: Got ready for dinner

8.30 pm: Dinner, one of the ladies had her birthday and was surprised with a cake by her husband

9.3pm-11.30pm: Went to bed

We got to dress up for dinner every night.

Day 3

6am: Woke up and we were back to Miami ☹

As I mentioned earlier this was my schedule on the cruise, I am sure if you asked the other ladies they would say something totally different. Every mom got to do what she wanted without any judgement. The goal of my trip was to relax, judging by this routine I can say that I accomplished that goal.

Benefits of a momcation

1) You enjoy uninterrupted time to yourself

2)You get to be served

3) You get to sleep in

4) Someone else does the meal planning and prepping

5) You can go to the bathroom without an audience

6) You get to learn from other moms

7) You are called by your name

8) You will be well rested and can't wait to pour all of that into your family when you get back

Momcation is a win for everyone as far as I am concerned, mom gets to rest, the family gets to miss her and appreciate her more. This momcation was put together by joyful travels, you can contact her for all your vacation needs.

Have you taken a momcation? What was the best part of it? Let me know in the comments

Here are more pictures.......


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3 commentaires

Folashade Daso
Folashade Daso
23 févr. 2019

Good summary of an awesome getaway! Dami thanks for sharing this, some of us came back home tired from doing too much on the cruise. I’m still on cloud ⛅️ 9 from our momcation. Thanks for the business shout out! God bless you Dami, thanks for for trusting me enough to try something new 😘😘


Dami Ogunsanya
Dami Ogunsanya
23 févr. 2019

Fola Adegunle: Thank you so much. Momcation is best way to fill your tank as a mom. Whenever you are ready please contact Joyful Travels and tell her I sent you. Thanks for the compliments


Fola Adegunle
Fola Adegunle
23 févr. 2019

This is so beautiful. You have definitely convinced me. I’ve been on a cruise with my husband but I have never taken a momcation(I love that word and I’m stealing it lol). I need a yearly one like this. Thank you thank you and y’all look so YUMMY 😍😍😍😍

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