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Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The holiday season is fast approaching, it is one of the busiest seasons for women. We do a lot of planning, organization, scheduling, rescheduling and gift shopping to name a few. Sometimes we spend a lot of time trying to have the perfect holiday that we become so stressed that we don’t enjoy the season.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We deserve to be part of the enjoyment like everyone else. Here are some tips that can allow us to have a stress-free holiday season

1) K.I.S.S: Keep it super simple. Determine how you want to spend the holiday, now is not the time to organize and clean your closet; just clean the areas where you guest will be. Areas like your kitchen, guest bathroom and guest room. Order to-go containers so you don’t have to chase anyone down to return your Pyrex (I am still waiting for my younger brother to return my Pyrex bowl from last thanksgiving). You can opt for paper plates to serve your guest so you can have dishes to clean up after. Be mindful of how you choose to spend your holiday

2) Outsource: You don’t have to cook every meal your family will eat during the holiday, you can carter some food and only make the ones you really like. My meat pie is the best (argue with your keyboard…lol) so I will be making that, but I will be outsourcing some other food item. You can also outsource cleaning of the homes if it is something you don’t like doing.

3) Plan Ahead: If you are not outsourcing, plan ahead. Write down the list of all the food you want to cook, who you want to invite and tackle it one item at a time. Personally, I will be making some of the stews we would eat on thanksgiving in the coming days and freeze them. You can also break down your cooking process into smaller task. For example, if you are making meat pie, you can prep the filling and freeze it so on that day all you have to do is make the dough and your meat pie will be ready in no time.

4) Don’t keep up with the Joneses: The fastest way to kill your joy is to compare it to someone else’s. You don’t have to do things the way other people are doing it. You don’t have to have gifts overflowing under Christmas tree. If you don’t like turkey, make chicken or fish. You don’t have to follow the traditional ways of celebrating; you can create your family tradition.

5) Pray about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G :Do not forget to put God at the center of all your activities. Pray for guidance as you deal with some difficult people or situations during the holiday. The holiday might not be a happy time for some people for different reason so please be kind to everyone

I hope this helps to put things in perspective

Question of the day: What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

Until next time, remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

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2 comentarios

Yinka Immanuel
Yinka Immanuel
13 nov 2022

This is so great, I like soft life too much so I like to outsource and thank you for reminding us not to compare our lives with others and to always pray about everything! Over the years in my relationship with God, I've realized that God is interested in EVERYTHING that concerns us.

Me gusta
Dami Ogunsanya
Dami Ogunsanya
13 nov 2022
Contestando a

You are absolutely right. God is concerned about everything about us. He cares so much for us, we sometimes forget to ask Him for the day-to-day stuff and only ask the “big stuff”. Thanks for reading

Me gusta
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