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Did you think “freshman 15” was bad? It is nothing compared to “holiday 15". An average college freshman gains about 15 pounds in their first year of college, while the average person gains about 15 pounds between the months of October and February (Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day). This is just in 5 months, that’s about 3 pounds a month. The weight slowly creeps up on you and before you know it your spring clothes don’t fit anymore.

The struggle is real when it comes to the holidays especially with all these wonderful comforting hot beverages, my favorites are caramel apple spice, salted caramel hot chocolate and peppermint mocha from Starbucks. My fix to that is to make them at home, it is healthier and less expensive, but if I am out and I am craving one so bad I opt for the baby size (short size: this is not an option on the menu board but the barrister would make you one if you ask for it) it has less sugars and calories.

Below are 5ive ways not to pack on the pounds during the holidays

1. Plan ahead: During the holidays you get invitations to go out and eat with friends, family and coworkers. It is very easy to get side tracked when you get to the restaurant so find out where you are going and check the menu ahead of time. Doing this will help you make a healthier choice because you had enough time to go over the menu and you won’t feel rushed at the restaurant.

2. Don’t drink your calories: From pumpkin spiced latte to eggnog and hot chocolate it is so easy to consume about 500 calories without knowing it, try and pay attention to the sugar content in your drinks you will be surprised at the amount of sugar in it. If you can’t avoid them completely try and limit the number of times you go to your favorite coffee shop. My number one choice of beverage is water.

3. Bring your own food: This is potluck season so whenever you are invited to a potluck try and bring a healthier food, you might get the side eye from people it is okay your pants will thank you come spring time.

4. Don’t skip the gym: I know it is cold outside and staying in bed under the comforter watching old movies might sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong! whatever you do don’t miss a workout. Going to the gym will help you fight the blues and also help you with your weight, even if you don’t lose weight at least maintain your current weight.

5. Expect mistakes and move on: This one is the most important tip, there will be days when you will eat everything but the kitchen sink, it is okay. Just because you had a slip up one day doesn’t give you the liberty to eat bad for the rest of the holidays. Forgive yourself and move on.

Remember the holidays is not just about food, it’s the season to spend quality time with your loved ones


Sending love & Strength your way,


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