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Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Father’s Day is approaching so I’m sharing some of my top picks for the 2022 Father’s Day . No matter the type of dad you know, you will be able to find something for him on this list. All the items are from Amazon, so if you have prime you will be able to get these gifts in time before Father's Day.

The Fit Dad: This is the dad that is health conscious. You find him working out or checking out the latest trend in fitness.

The Stylish Dad: This is the dad that is very particular about his appearance, you can never catch him un fresh. He loves looking and smelling good

The Grill Master Dad: This is the dad that can throw down on the grill. He loves to cook and everything that comes with that.

The Soft Life Dad: This is the dad that likes to chill and doesn’t have energy for anything rigorous.

I hope you treat the dad in your life to something special. They need to be appreciated as well. For those that are missing their dad or are waiting to be a dad, you are seen and my prayers are with you.

Until next time, happy Father's Day.


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