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Hello, I hope you are doing well? It's been a minute since I had a blog post. Life has been happening. The secret of being able to do it ALL is to know what requires your attention the most at the moment.

I was at Whole Foods twice last week because I left my lunch at home. If you know Whole Foods, then I don't need to remind you of their prices. In an attempt to save money I decided to get the juice. Don't get me wrong the juice was delicious but it cost me almost 8 bucks for a 24oz ( that's expensive). So I decided to make my own .Whole Foods has the list of ingredients on their website.

This whole adventure has inspired me to create a "better than" series on my blog where I try and recreate food or things with the goal of savings money or making it healthier.

A great way to get your daily vegies and fruit recommendation is to have it in form of a smoothie. It is also a great way to use up fruits in the fridge. You would be amazed by how many combination you can create when it come to making smoothies.

I got the ingredients for the smoothie here on their website.



* Lemon



Add all the ingredients to your blender and blend. You can adjust the ingredients to your taste or add any sweetener.

So what is my verdict? I would give my recreation a 7/10 because I didn't juice my fruit like Whole Foods. The taste was spot on.

Until next time remember you can do ALL things through Christ.



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