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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Happy 2019!!! I am super excited about this year, I have a lot of things to share with you guys. I hope you are loving the new design of the website? Let me know your thoughts.

With the new year comes resolutions and goals. Today I will be Sharing five resolutions you can keep.

1. Know your Net worth. To know your net worth all you must do is subtract your liabilities from your assets. Some example of assets are houses, cars and investments. liabilities are what you owe, this includes student loans, car note, credit card debt and the money you owe that friend wishing they would When you are done with the calculation you should have number, hopefully it is a positive number but if it is negative that can be fixed with the next point. Fun fact I had a negative net worth when I graduated college.

2. Have a debt repayment plan. Having a plan on how to pay off your debt is one of the best things you can do for your financial life. List all your debt, interest rate, terms of loan and lender then decide if you want to pay the highest debt first or the one with highest interest. If this sounds strange google debt snow ball and debt avalanche for more info.

3. Be kind to yourself. A lot of times we are our own worst critic. Be mindful of the conversations you have with yourself, grant yourself grace just like you would someone else. Look at yourself in the mirror and say positive affirmations to yourself. Here is an instagram account that I love, she shares daily affirmation. Remember your inner critic is a jerk!

4. Don’t be afraid to say NO.This is something I learned over the years. I used to be that lady that would say yes to everyone and everything because I wanted to make people happy. I soon realized that some people will not be satisfied even if I gave them the whole world. Now I say no if I don’t want to do something or attend an event. A yes to someone is a no to yourself, think about this before you commit to anything when next you are asked.

5. Drink more water. To be successful with this resolution you must set active reminders that would enable you drink more water. For example, putting a bottle of water on your night stand so when you wake up you can drink. You can also buy a big water bottle and carry it around all day, the weight of the bottle would be an incentive for you to finish the water.

What are your resolutions for 2019? Share in the comments.

Remember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

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True talks all the way. I gotta start with the net worth calculation :)


Love you tips, think will follow it.thank


Mrslanre Osinowo
Mrslanre Osinowo
Jan 07, 2019

Happy New Year Dami! Thanks for sharing these amazing tips. I will definitely be applying them to my life this year. Congrats on the new site. Can't wait to read future posts. XX

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