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It is that time of the year. Springtime, you already know what that means, spring cleaning. I know a lot of us might not be fans of deep cleaning, but it is something we have to do. I personally think spring is a reminder from God for renewed hope, things that might appear dead begin to resurrect.

The flowers are blooming, the leaves are turning green again and the air is just crisp. This is the perfect time to switch out your fall/winter clothes and bring out the vibrant colors for spring/summer. Now is also a great time to declutter, before you think you need to turn your house inside out to declutter; you can start small and work your way up.

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you 30 things you can declutter today.

1. Old mugs you haven’t used in over two years that is collecting dust in your kitchen cabinet.

2. Clothes that no longer fit or that are no longer your style (For my Nigerian peeps, this includes all the aso-ebi you have accumulated).

3. Shoes you no longer wear.

4. Old or expired makeup.

5. Your kids’ clothes they have outgrown. You can donate this.

6. Old Toys.

7. Faulty appliances.

8. Boxes of products you are keeping in case you want to return the item; it’s been two years, you are not returning it.

9. Books you don’t need. Donate them to your local library.

10. Contacts on your phone you don’t use.

11. Apps on your phone that you only used one time.

12. Old planners.

13. Old journals.

14. Old cellphones.

15. Empty perfume bottles.

16. Tupperware’s that are missing the lids.

17. Single socks that have lost their hommies.

18. Old water bottles.

19. Old backpacks.

20. Artwork from the kids’ school (After you have scanned the ones you choose to keep).

21. Old prescription (Take this to your local pharmacy).

22. The junk mail sitting on your kitchen counter.

23. Expired spices.

24. Expired food in your pantry.

25. Connecting cables, you don't have a phone for.

26. The items in your kitchen junk draw, they have been sitting in there since you moved into your home.

27. Home decors that are no longer your style.

28. Old Bath Towels.

29. Takeout condiments, that chick fil a sauce sitting in the door of your fridge

30. That one pajama that always stays in your dresser that you never wear. You know the one I am talking

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