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This is the second week of the year, 2024 is going by fast. How are you doing on your goals?If week one didn't go as palnned, don't worry we have 51 weeks left to achieve our goal.

Here are some simple habits you can adopt that will imporve the qaulify of your life


1.       Go to bed on time.

2.       Stretch daily.

3.       Drink more water.

4.       Move your body.

5.       Read a personal development book.

6.       Be intentional about your relationships.

7.       Set/Enforce your boundaries.

8.       Be Kind

9.       Journal your thoughts.

10.   Say No.

11.   Lift weights

12.   Be mindful of your social media usage.

13.   Eat more protein.

14.   Only buy things you need.

15.   Spend more time with Jesus.

16.   Respond in love.

17.   Reduce your screen time.

18.   Eat more veggies.

19.   Wear sunscreen daily

20.   Don’t sleep with your make up on

21.   Be Generous

22.   Declutter

23.   Practice Gratitude.

24. Create a sleep schedule

The important thing is to start small, then build more habits on the ones you already have.

Question of the day: What habit will you be adopting that wasn't mentioned above. Please share with others in the comments.

Until next time, remember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.



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