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Do you ever think about how you don't appreciate your throat enough until when you have a sore throat? Well that is me today. I remember growing up my mom always made this concoction for us whenever we had a sore throat. Let me tell you it works! (because of all the health benefits in the lime, ginger, garlic and honey) and it also tastes so good (thanks to the honey). Here is my mom's recipe

What is needed:

2 limes

A big thumb of ginger

2 cloves of garlic


Jar with a lid (I used a mini Mason jar)


Wash your hands

Peel and grate ginger and garlic in a blow before squeezing the juice into the jar

Squeeze the juice of the 2 limes into the jar

Add honey to fill the jar

Secure the lid on the jar and shake well to combine

Store in the fridge for up to two weeks

It is that simple,all you have to do is add two tablespoon to your hot tea and enjoy or you can have a teaspoon of the mix to get instant relief.

Enjoy and get well soon



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